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to train your dog!!

Learn to change the Mindset of your dog

​Just learn to do it a different way 

It's easy peasy when you know how


Lots of exercises to help you keep your dog's mind and body happy and healthy!

Tired dogs are no problem at all!!

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See why everyone loves us!

We know what it is like to have a dog that you adore but you cannot seem to do anything with!

Most of the time a well-controlled run with many friends in a safe environment does 

wonders for the soul and as a consequence bad behaviour reduces!

This along with play at the heart of our training and learning how you can help 

the process creates a powerful and successful recipe!

Come along and meet us for a workshop and learn how energy can help you to tame your

 'Naughty (although you know he is really Nice) Dog' with natural methods at 

Blackwell's Naughty Dog School!

This is for you if you are open-minded enough to think outside the box of 

dog training and behaviour and embark on a different thought pattern.

This is for you if you have tried the mainstream and you just are not getting 

the results you expected.

Blackwell's recipe for a good dog you can take anywhere!

Holistic 4 week programme

If you are reading this then you are looking for a solution to your problem dog. Chances are you have been looking for sometime and may have attended other classes without much success or the feeling of just being baffled by it all!

Our recipe is easy to follow and given to you in bite-size chunks. Over our 6 weeks together you solve many of your problems with your dog and you feel better too!

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Our Super Successful Holistic Programme

During our 4 weeks together:

You will discover how to get your dog to want to do things for you!

You will play games that will bring you that all-important recall.

You will understand your dog and why he/she behaves the way he/she does.

You will feel in control, strong, ready and able to handle any situation!

There are follow on classes if you want to continue learning with us!!

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Your session is 1 hr

We discover the emotions behind your dog's behaviour and develop a training plan for you!

From the very first session your dog will LOVE training and you will benefit from the improvement in your dog's behaviour 


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What our clients say about us!

Here are some video testimonials too!!

All about Betty

This is Tania, she is talking about how 

NDS has helped her and her dog, Betty!

How to tame a loopy but happy Bruce!

This is Tim, he is talking about how NDS helped tame his ever so nice but very excitable labrador, Bruce

Slobbery Kisses from my 3 angels!

Hi my name is Kelly,

I have been attending The Naughty Dog School for almost 6 years.

I first attended as I had a 10 month old boxer bitch called Betty who I was scared to let her off of the lead in case she ran off and I lost her, and some other little behavioural issues like barking non stop for attention that I needed help with. Lynette taught me that dogs tend to mirror our behaviour and emotions, if you are anxious and fearful that passes onto our dogs and they copy our emotions making them anxious and fearful.When my girl Betty was 3 years old I let her have a litter of puppies and I kept a boy I called Winston, I applied what I had learnt from Lynette and I started very basic training( sit, down) from the age of 5 weeks. Once he had finished his puppy vaccinations I started taking him training when he was 4 months old, from day 1 he has never put a foot wrong and he is a very well mannered and very obedient but he needed the socialisation with other dogs rather than obedience which I put down to Lynette’s training methods ( positive reward based training) when he was very young. 

Then, in February 2020 my mum got a boxer bitch puppy named Esmai just before the first covid 19 lockdown so I couldn’t take her to training until she was 6 months old. She was a complete nightmare when I finally got her to training class despite trying to put Lynette’s training methods in place, I’m sure Lynette was surprised at how out off control she was and I bet she wished that I would not have brought her back to training as she disrupted and caused chaos in the class with other dogs. With Esmai it took quite a few months to sort out her naughty behaviour. At one point my mum seriously considered rehoming her as she was that badly behaved and uncontrollable. Esmai is now 2 and very well behaved and well mannered dog ,she has come so far in her training and I wouldn’t have been possible if not for Lynette and her training methods, she doesn’t just train our dogs she teaches us to understand our dogs behaviour and that half the battle is helping us to understand how our dogs mind works and the best way to get the most out of our dogs and help us how to build the best relationship with our dogs. Esmai has come so far that she is now used as a teaching dog to help new dogs coming into class, she helps teach them controlled play so they don’t get over excited and how to play nicely with other dogs Esmai also helps calm down the dogs that do get over the top with their excitement. I’m sure that neither Lynette or I would have thought it possible that she would become a teaching dog when I first brought her to training class. I could not have done it without the help and guidance of Lynette. Thanks to her I have 3 well mannered and obedient boxer dogs. I would highly recommend attending The Naughty Dog School it is a very friendly welcoming environment for anyone who wants to learn and understand and help our furry friends be the best they can be.

Lots of love and thanks to Lynette for all the help and support she has given me and my dogs over the last 6 years!

 Lots of slobbery kisses Betty, Winston and Esmai

Meet our Arlo!! 

Isn't he just gorgeous!!

Arlo came into our lives as much wanted dog. Myself and my daughter wanted a little dog to join us on our adventures and I have to say he has given us that and so much more!! There was just one thing that spoilt it all, Arlo would bark at EVERYTHING!!! I mean EVERYTHING!! At first, I thought it was just because he was settling in but after a while it just felt like it was relentless and he would even bark at a stray plastic bag in the street!! I reached the point where I was constantly crossing the roads or avoiding parks so we wouldn’t come into contact with other dogs.

Clearly Arlo needed some help (and I needed my sanity back). I discovered Lynette’s Naughty Dog School via a recommendation and although I didn’t really think of Arlo as naughty dog, as he was so good at home, I definitely needed the help of someone who could guide Arlo and I through this problem. I took the plunge, made the call and booked us in for our first session.

I left my first session with a smile on my face and a very happy dog!! Arlo LOVED the GAMES and I learnt a lot about Arlo and why he was doing what he was doing! It all made sense and armed with my new knowledge and games that are designed to help me help Arlo with his barking we started our training.

Who would have thought that training a dog with problems could be so much fun!! Not only was it fun and engaging Arlo ‘s barking reduced dramatically. I was given some homework to do in our home and our games were for outside! I wasn’t dreading our second session I was looking forward to it!!

Joining the group sessions did wonders for us both!! Arlo quietened around dogs as his confidence grew to the point now he is one of the first dogs to welcome new recruits and give them the benefit of his experience. He makes me feel so proud when he does that!

Arlo and I love our training sessions so much that although he is all but a normal dog now we still want to attend as I feel it is so beneficial for us both and on the odd occasion when Arlo has slipped back to his old ways Lynette and her team are on hand to gently guide us back to where we should be!!

This has been nothing but a positive experience for both us. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lynette and her team from the bottom of my heart! Oh and Arlo sends his auntie Lynette and team a huge kiss!

Nicola and Arlo


Chubbs and I Learnt such a lot at the puppy class. Great start for Chubbs. I have loved coming to the classes. Chubbs has certainly benefitted from the input.

Can't recommend it highly enough. What this lady doesn't know about dogs isn't worth knowing!!!

Jeanette and Chubbs

​The Delightful Bonnie!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to write a thank you post.

As some of you may have known the last few months Bonnie had been becoming more difficult on walks. What started out as ignoring soon turned into actively avoiding me. Which, as you could imagine, was very upsetting and made walks very stressful.

After talking with Lynette and her observing us, she took everything I was saying on board and worked out the missing link and advised me on what I need to do. Within a few days, I had noticed an improvement. Now a couple of weeks on I feel like Bonnie's behaviour has done a U-Turn in the right direction and I feel like I have my old Bonnie back.

So thank you so much Lynette for your support and wisdom. Thank you everyone for being so supportive and encouraging when I was struggling.

I am fully aware that Bonnie is never going to be 100% reliable off the lead, but I am starting to gain back trust in her to give the little bits of freedom when safe to do so. So here is a little video of her enjoying a bit of freedom yesterday and you can hear in my voice 🙈🤣 how surprised I was that she actually came back and with such enthusiasm, which a few weeks ago would have never happened.

Kirsty and Bonnie


I contacted Lynette as I didn’t feel like I had properly bonded with our 17-month-old Golden Retriever Watson.  Sadly, a couple of months after getting him my Mum became very ill and then passed away 9 months later and I was naturally preoccupied with helping to look after her. Watson wasn’t paying much attention to me and was doing his own thing.

Lynette showed me lots of fun games to play with him that got him looking for me. She also helped me with my body language and tone of voice and showed me when the right time to call him was, rather than setting him up to fail.

After just three 1-1 sessions our walks have become far more enjoyable, he seems happier in himself and I have more confidence walking him.

I know it’s a work in progress and I must now take what I have been shown and keep it up but won’t hesitate to contact Lynette again if I feel we need more help in the future.

I highly recommend Lynette - it only took 3 sessions!

A grateful Nicola and Watson

Ruby - Licious

My darling Ruby and I were recommended to Lynette by a friend. We were beside ourselves as a family, with what we were being told was “typical puppy behaviour”, but I knew there was something wrong in the dynamics of our relationship with her. Was it normal to be fearful of a 3-month-old puppy? She would draw blood when she ‘nipped’ and became the ruler of the household, something our sweet older dog, Pepsi had never been.

Once we enrolled in Lynette’s intensive training program, our lives changed for the better. I had come to the realization that my issues with anxiety and depression were affecting Ruby more than I knew, this was the main cause of her issues. She was mirroring my behaviour back to me, which ended up being a blessing in disguise. 

Lynette taught me a lot about myself, about my dog and about my relationships with people, and the outside world.

I then went on to complete several other spiritual practices under the wise eye of my angel (I truly believe she is an angel!) Lynette.

I will be forever thankful for the journey Lynette took me on, and the amazing dog we gained at the end of it, she is now my best friend – words cannot describe our bond. I continue to battle with my anxiety daily, but Ruby is my saviour through so many scenarios. If it had not been for Lynette, I do not think I could say the same.

Daniella and My Adorable Ruby-Licious!

Look at this cutie 


 like butter wouldn't melt - Right!!!

My adorable perfect puppy started displaying some not so nice behaviours like growling at me and threatening to bite me if I didn't do what he wanted!  He was turning into a menace!!  When I saw my poor mum's hands and arms full of teeth marks I knew something had to be done!!

Lynette was recommended to me as a specialist in naughty dog behaviour without having to use any harsh treatment.

Our training session was a wonder as I watched my naughty puppy enjoy his games and I learnt how to handle his behaviour.  Lynette said that when she left he would be back to his old tricks so to keep up the work or it will all be for nothing!

Like clockwork, he played up as soon as Lynette walked out the door! I only had to get hold of his collar once and he totally stopped. I think he thought once Lynette had gone he would get away with being on the sofa😂. What's more, I’ve had no biting!!!!!!! Not once! My partner played the games just before his usual crazy time and as a result, he is now lying asleep on my rug like a good puppy! Thank you so much 💕

Courtney and Hudson

Teaching dog in the making MARLEY BEAR!!

Marley playing with his mentor Diego

I always remember that we picked up a beautiful cuddly puppy and within 2 weeks he was a complete menace!!  Right from the getgo Marley (not what I was calling him at the time!) was a handful.  I read all the books, considered us all prepared, I mean how hard can it be to have a puppy?!!  As it happens it is a life-changer in so many ways!!  But I digress, the books did not prepare us for what was to come.  We attended puppy classes where he did well but continued to be a problem at home.  I had problems at home initially and then as soon as I started taking Marley out.  After a few weeks of attending our first training school, I realised their method of ignoring bad behaviour and waiting to reward the good was backfiring completely.  As Marley never did anything right so I could not reward him.  

Marley and I attended a few training classes none of which had any impact so by the time Marley was 9 months old he was basically uncontrollable. I could not hold him, he would not listen to me at all!! It was affecting my family, my friendships and my work. Something had to be done or I would not have been able to keep Marley. The thing was I knew there was a 'good' dog in there, I could just feel it.  

As a family, we decided that we wanted to do everything we could to keep Marley so we would try a different kind of training.  

Marley with lots of dogs he does not know!

One where dogs were allowed to mix, no meant no and play being at the heart of the training.  Even though I really wanted to help Marley I didn't want to fail myself.  Giving Marley up would have meant that I failed and I am no quitter!!  I was determined to keep him I would do as I was asked even if it meant going against the grain a little.  Lynette and I agreed that I would start adding some simple rules and change how he normally does one thing.  I agreed to play the games with him and to use something that he liked as a reward.  I also agreed to get my head in the right place to give him a chance to redeem himself.

Well!  I'll be damned it only worked!!

I could write a whole essay on how The Naughty Dog School has helped Marley.  I have learned so much and loved it so much that I want to learn more and start sharing with others what worked for Marley and my family.

The above videos are Marley now.  He is a changed dog and we are a grateful family.  Thank you NDS you may be different by you sure are effective!!!

Claire the Super Proud Mummy of  Marley


Hi Lynette I just wanted to say how our Romanian rescue Pip has improved so much.

Your teaching methods are very well adapted and personalised to the individual (Pip was extremely nervous but could show this as aggression to people who have no understanding of his fears ).

I’ve loved getting some help with trying to get Pips mind in the correct place and make him more of a typical dog who can enjoy life!

There’s still a way to go but you can really see a difference when I’m out on walks and he seems happier in himself!

Once again many thanks for all your patience and understanding!

Michelle and pip

I'm Ted the Invincible!

Ted was a lovable rogue through and through.  He had the personality, bravery and was very courageous!  He was also a naughty little bugger!!  The problem was he always genuinely won every encounter so naturally, Ted believed he was invincible!  With no dog to tell him otherwise, he started causing problems, we think he thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.  

It was becoming a big problem.  Ted was being left at home more and more.  You could see he was sad he was not with us how he used to be.

We were pretty sure that we could teach Ted that he could still be big and strong if he helped others to be confident like he was so we attended regular training.  That did not work out so well and we were asked to leave.  I told you he was a bugger!

We were at our wit's end when a neighbour recommended NDS to us and said it may help Ted to meet a dog bigger and better than him.  Interesting I thought.

The result was that within a few weeks Ted was an angel again.  We had to learn how to manage him and understand how to keep him calm and how to judge his limits but we had our old Ted back!!  We were all very happy about this no-one more so than Ted.  Thank you, Mars and Team!

Sadly Ted passed to Rainbow bridge but that doesn't change that without Lynette and her team we would have not had all those extra years of fun with our Ted the Invincible!

Jane, Natalie and Ted

I started taking Charlie to see Lynette to get some help with walking better on a lead.   I am so happy with Charlie's progress!!  Within the first lesson, Charlie became my best friend.  With the tips and knowledge Lynette gave me, 3 lessons later I can now trust him enough to let him off and to come back when I call him using the games she introduced us to, making our walks so much more enjoyable!

I highly recommend seeing Lynette if you struggle with your puppy or dog, nothing is ever too much and the knowledge Lynette has about dogs and their behaviour is amazing!!

Thank you for your help you gave to us x 

Hayley and my very sweet Charlie

Pretty Petra 

Just finished six weeks training with Lynette at her Naughty Dog School.🐾

Signed up as Petra ( my Cocker Spaniel ) had become more difficult to walk with my other two dogs ( her Mum and Son) she was chasing other dogs barking and lunging at them on and off the lead which was looking to others as being aggressive. Lynette taught me how to deal with this issue and give Petra some training to help.

Petra is now coming back to me better when in this situation which in turn stops her barking and appearing so aggressive.😟

I know this is work in progress but Lynette has given me the tools in which to carry on with her training and for this, I am extremely grateful

I will definitely be recommending Naughty Dog School to anyone who may be needing some training for their naughty dogs too.x😁 

Jackie and Petra


Hey!  I just wanted to show the amazing difference in my little girl!  We have had 2 1-2-1's and 2 group sessions and my girl is unrecognisable!!  Going from being very nervous towards everything, rushing and barking at dogs, not listening to me, attacking my mum's dog and really just being very nervous to walk!

 This a video of Rosa, a month ago she wouldn't go near the water, today she went so deep she was swimming, lots of dogs around her and she was so confident 🙂 I have even had her sharing food with my mum's dog

I'm so pleased with her progress, she is turning into my confident young fur baby, and I'm loving watching her confidence grow along with her happiness 🙂 x

Charlotte and my very confident girl Rosa


'Is that Magic Chicken I spy in your bag??'

Beau has been a member of the Naughty Dog school for many years.

I contacted Lynette all those years ago in desperation as Beau was attacking people and dogs.

It was making me into a nervous wreck I was simply avoiding all situations and therefore not enjoying my dog.

Our workshops work wonders for dogs that are just too reactive for normal obedience classes!!  

Trust me it wasn't an overnight fix but the school gave me the tools to deal with the challenges I had. It was the best thing I could have done!  Beau has turned into a wonderful dog, his social skills and obedience are now amazing.

I now have another collie pup so the skills I have learnt can be put into practice at a far earlier age (which is key) and hopefully, I will be ahead of the game with him.

Tina and Beau

There is somewhere for you!!

Naughty Dog School!!

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Bear The Relentless

This adorable pickle is my Bear.  Brought as a surprise birthday present I was over the moon!  However, Bear even at the tender age of 9 weeks was a complete handful who had us all in tears with his unrelenting bad behaviour.  Nothing we did had any impact and we were so close to finding Bear a new home.

Thankfully we found Lynette who did a home visit to help us channel Bear's naughty behaviour!  We were taught fun games to mentally stimulate him and learnt how to take charge of the situation between Bear and my older more reserved dog.  It's still a work in progress but Bear is still with us!

Thank you, Lynette and Diego, for helping us keep Bear! 

Kelly, Rob and Bear

Digby - Oh my!!

I was at my wits end!! I had this wonderful boy that I adored to a fault but he was sooo naughty and I had no idea what to do with him!!

I went to some other training schools but as my boy literally flew through the air to attack every dog around us I confess I was so embarrassed at the look on the trainers faces that I just couldn't go back!!

I nearly gave up! That was when I had one last ditched attempt to tame my young rascal I found Lynette at Naughty Dog School.

Within 5 weeks Digby, my highly aggressive and unworkable dog, was not only behaving in class but enjoying doing my bidding!!! Plus I was astounded at how the techniques I learnt also helped me to control my other 4 dogs!!

I know I would not have my boy now if I had not found Lynette and her Naughty Dog School!!

Thank you NDS from the bottom of my heart!!

Leigh-Anne and Digby

Given up? 

 This training is unique and works!

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Continue reading some of our 

success stories ...

My ickle pickle Ellie ...

'Ellie is absolutely wonderful with people but would become very anxious that she would explode into a ball of pure fury when she came across other dogs!

We have taken her to other dog training classes but with the exception of one other dog training venue, we were always asked to leave as she was unable to cope being around other dogs. 1-2-1 was the only option but her problem was dogs!! We knew we had to find a training venue that would work with Ellie plus that training venue had to have dogs that work through Ellie's issues.

​NDS 6 week 'Recipe' programme worked well for Ellie and she is now happy to be around other dogs and when she does become anxious we know exactly how to calm her and deal with the situation!

Thank you NDS for everything!'

Katerina and Petra

The workshops are fun and informative!  What are you waiting for?

07961 502 641

Scamp and Digby

My boys and I were on the look out for natural training where they could run free learning to be dogs but I would still be able to control my 2 wilful boys when we are out and about!

We love Naughty Dog School!!


My heart melted and I just had to take two ....

How could I split them up?  This brother and sister had been through hell together and now ending up in the UK were going to be split up!  I just couldn't allow that!!  I decided that I would have them both, keep them together and I just knew everything would be fine!!  What my heart did not realise is that 2 dogs with no skills whatsoever were more than double the trouble!!  I knew I needed help!  I was so lucky to have Lynette and her Naughty Dog School recommended to me.

I can’t thank Lynette (and Diego) enough. Her knowledge, experience and calm techniques have been invaluable to us all. My two rescues and I have learnt so much in such a short space of time with their guidance.

An excellent training school that is ‘always open’. 

Would highly recommend to anyone.

Jackie, Rocky and Adrienne

Have fun while you and your dog learn!!

07961 502 641


Eddie the Romanian rescue has lots of issues!!  He is really intolerant towards dogs.  His recall needed work too!!

Eddie is a work in progress!  I do feel that because of the amount of time he spent in kennels I will always be managing his behaviour but attending the workshops at Naughty Dog School has taught me how to work with Eddie and his special needs.  I know what to do when he can't cope and I am able to read Eddie and the other dogs around him so that I can manage his behaviour more successfully!

Arin and Eddie

Want to start your journey?  07961 502 641


Myself and Marley have been going to Naughty Dog School for about 6 months.

I was on the verge on giving up as Marley was soo naughty, not listening and had become very reactive towards other dogs. With Lynette’s 6 weeks one to one and going training every week I have a much better behaved dog at home and out.... this is because of the commands, techniques and socialising I have been shown in a fun but firm way!

He was in the 'naughty' group but our aim was always to work towards going into the fun group, something Marley could not cope with at the time! The time finally came when Lynette invited us to do both classes, YAY!! I was so proud!! And soo nervous!! What if he let me down??? Lynette believed he was ready and so was I. I was soo proud of my boy playing with the other dogs that he didn't know!!

As for me I knew I needed training too as I am a new dog owner. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time!!

I just love our training on a Saturday morning as we learn new things every week. I find it so interesting also being taught about dogs body language too!

My boy has changed beyond recognition other people can’t believe the change in him.

Thank you soo much Lynette and Mark, as he also a fantastic trainer! I really do enjoy Marley soo much more now!

Claire and Marley

Misty ....

'I'm a new owner and wanted a happy relaxed dog I could take anywhere!!'

I'm a new dog owner and I really wanted my new addition to my family to be a 'good girl' and being a childminder it was doubly important I have a happy relaxed dog that can handle anything!!

I can't thank Naughty Dog School enough!! We have a happy relaxed dog with a great recall who is basically bomb proof!!



If you could change your dog's behaviour in 6 weeks would that interest you?

0796 150 2641

Meet Jess ...

Jess is a rescue and we knew immediately that she needed to be just a dog for a bit. We find the workshops invaluable as Jess is permitted to stretch her legs and as a result has found herself a job taking others on that necessary run!

We tried the mainstream and it just wasn't working for Jess. We knew Jess needed to run and interact independently with other dogs. Naughty Dog School takes a different approach to dog behaviour and dealing with undesirable behaviour, it has helped Jess and we all love coming!!

Kat and Ash

any questions?  07961 502 641 


Lucy has been going to the Naughty Dog school for about 14 months now. She was very young and needed help to socialise,  her recall was non-existent and it was difficult to walk her on a lead, I also wanted a lot more control when she was off the lead.

Lucy has excelled at the Naughty Dog School she loves the play and socialising aspect and is now confident to lead new dogs on this fun-filled journey! 

Lucy is learning well in her disciplines, can still be a bit sidetracked at times as she is still young and loves to play. 

My confidence walking her has really grown and she is doing great. Lucy loves the Naughty Dog School and so do we 😊

Debbie, Paul and our lovely Lucy

Got a bull breed?  

See how NDS helped 

Buddy ....

When we first took him to the park/beach/woods everything seemed new and he was so excited. He was a loving boy but his social skills around other dogs were far from great. He was unable to walk on a lead without constantly pulling and when he saw other dogs he would just chase, jump on them and in general be a bit of a pest. Most dog owners were also understandably nervous when they saw him chasing their dog due to his breed and appearance. His recall was non-existent which was a real worry and it got to the stage we had to keep him on the lead at all times which is not what we wanted for our beautiful boy. He needed to be free to run, play and be a happy sociable dog after his rough start in life.

This is how we found Lynette and thank god we did. Lynette doesn’t normally work with staffy cross dogs but agreed to work with us on a one to one basis. Well, what can I say? After 5 sessions Buddy is like a new boy. The training was predominantly done through play and the focus is on creating that bond between you and your dog but instilling the behaviours you want to achieve going forward.

Buddy now happily plays with other dogs (we visited family recently who have 4 dogs ranging from a large retired guide dog lab to a chihuahua) and Bud played brilliantly with them all enjoying walks in the woods off lead. His recall is so much better and he’s now a happy sociable dog who’s loving life.

I can’t thank Lynette enough for everything she has done for us. Walking Bud is now a lovely experience rather than the stressful one that we had been experiencing just a few months ago. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Thank you for taking on Bud and helping him be a much happier dog.

Ali and Lee

It costs nothing to ask!  

07961 502 641


Bella is a Romanian rescue.  Bella was very aggressive towards other dogs on and off the lead!  

We loved her so much but could not work out what was causing her issues.  We did try other training venues but found her behaviour worsened and in the end the trainer I went to asked me to stop.

Finding NDS was a godsend.  I have to say that, to begin with, I was a bit worried about the dogs being off the lead but it was the best thing for our Bella!

I have attached a video of her latest interaction with an unknown dog - would you know she had a serious problem?

NDS keep up the good work!!  Your workshops are enjoyable, entertaining and informative I think I learnt more in my first session than in the 9 months I had Bella before we found you!!

Sam and Bella

Are you wishing your dog could play with others?

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Don Blackwell

This is my dad, Don Blackwell he sadly passed away in 2002 but not before he had the chance to make his impact on the world of dog training and behaviour! My dad was very empathic towards dogs and knew just what was needed to keep a dog in their home. He created his 'Recipe' which I still use today.

I still apply my father's 'Recipe' and I and my many clients get the same reliable results. My father was always learning about new and innovative ways to train dogs and for most, he found that by using play as a training technique their behaviour changed dramatically.

Want to find out more about how I can help YOU???

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