Mia and chaplin
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It’s every owners dream to be able to take their dog over the park and play ball off the lead, or to go for a lovely walk through the woods while their dog is off exploring. However it is also every owners biggest nightmare that their dog will just decide to do a runner. . . we’ve all been there.


At the NDS in Benfleet we teach owners the art of controlling their dog whilst off lead. Whether it is learning how to use your voice properly or working out what treat is just too irresistible to run away from, we will help you develop an understanding with your dog that will result in you confidently being able to take your dog out off lead.


Our weekly dog training workshops on Saturday mornings focus heavily on the art of recall and controlling your dog off lead. This is made especially hard as quite often there are over 20 dogs in attendance providing lots of reasons for your dog to do a runner and act as though they don’t know you.


Be assured that at our training field in Benfleet, if your dog decides it doesn't want to come back, one of our Teaching Dogs will make sure they are returned safely.

Won't Come Back

Many of my problems were caused

 by me being permanently on lead.

Naughty Dog School  has shown

 my family how to get me to come back!

Mia and chaplin