Mia and chaplin
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We have a very natural solution to this problem which has proved successful over and over again  ....

This is a video of Samson. 


Which one do you think is Samson's problem?

We believe that most dogs are reactive on lead because they either;  Samson ....


Does not know that he is a dog and is frightened by approaching dogs


He is desperate to interact with other dogs and the adrenalin released causes barking or


He is responding to how his mum and dad is thinking and feeling

Brenna was so scared that she couldn't protect her Dad that she would bark at other dogs to keep them away from her.

At NDS we base our training around play and socialisation.  All of the dogs attending are off lead from the get go and are practising their recall and social skills around other dogs from the moment that you arrive!


We also believe that your dog would benefit from obedience training and this forms a vital part of NDS's curiculum.

Have a dog that you can be proud of and take anywhere!

We have 2 very different groups;

Our first group is for dogs that have no behavioural issues or need a little confidence to feel more confident in themselves and our second group is for dogs that have behavioural problems and require a slightly different approach.


During our assessment process we will decide which we feel you and your dog would both benefit from.

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