Mia and chaplin
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"My passion is about Dogs being allowed to be Dogs...  that dogs are allowed to be what nature intended, just like me!"

Hi I am T'ealc. I am 'Lead Dog' at the Naughty Dog School.  My job is to make sure that no aggressive dogs get through our doors without us knowing about it.  We have all kinds of dogs attend our workshops and we have to know what makes each dog tick and where their triggers are.  It is my job to be strong and pushy.  It is also my job to put strong and pushy dogs in their place.  If a dog is aggressive this puts the other dogs and their owners at risk in the workshops.  We have to know if a dog is likely to bite when a dog approaches them.  Its my job to seek out those dogs that bully and intimidate other dogs.


I'm an entire Husky/GSD I was chosen from a litter of 10 puppies for my tenacity, my reluctance to be held and my strong ways with my litter of brothers and sisters.  I am silent when I work and this means that I am in calm assertive mode.  I only maintain any kind of discipline until the dog's energy and pheromones change to indicate a more placid disposition.  


At the tender age of 7 weeks I began my training and attended my first workshop where I showed that I was indeed a lead dog in the making.  For the first 9 months I was educated by the adult teaching dogs, Mars, Toby (now in heaven), Ty and Bahle. They taught me about canine etiquette, body language and how to discipline dogs.


From about 1 year old I started asserting my authority and one by one I took the positions of the adult teaching dogs until I worked my way to the top!  

Today I am supervised by Mars and only Mars. Whilst I have earned my place I am respectful of Mars's position and listen to him although there are occasions when I know he is wrong and I am right!!!



The workshops give me the opportunity to be what I was born to be a ....


Lead Teaching Dog