'Lyn, Holly, Myself and of course Diesel, would like to say THANKS to all at the Naughty Dog School for making us feel so welcome especially as Rottweilers get such bad press. We are all amazed at how the teaching dogs do all the work while we all get to stroll around chatting lol. It really is a lovely atmosphere to see so many different breed's playing together (17 one week), although I think Diesel prefers to be fussed over instead. The school really has made a difference and I'm pleased to tell everyone I can how good it is.
It really is worth getting up early for (well, early for Hollyj).'

Dale and Diesel

Hi Lynette
This past 2 weeks away he has been so very good mixing and playing with dogs unknown to him. I can't believe the change in him. All I wanted of him was to socialise and play and to return to me and never run away. This he seems to do, and I am so very pleased. I thank you so much for the time spent with him, also your helpers and especially the training dogs. I have enjoyed my time with you all. My dog walking friends are amazed at Bob’s changed attitude and would certainly recommend your training to anyone. I am so pleased someone put a poster in the Memorial Park in Wickford, as I would most probably still be trying to find training NOT in an enclosed hall. Thank you once again.
Sincerely ,  
Joan Burrell and Bob x

Hi Lynette

'Bringing Bertie (our Working Cocker Spaniel) to socialise at Naughty Dog School was the very best thing we could have done for him, as he had become frightened of larger dogs and was becoming more and more aggressive towards them, and I was becoming more and more apprehensive. Lynette and her team (especially T'ealc) have completely turned things around and Bertie is now happy and confident, and so am I. I found the Reiki and Chakra grounding very helpful, and have also learnt to recognise dog body language. We came all the way from Oxford to the 9.00 am sessions, which was an effort for us, but very worthwhile, and we would like to recommend Lynette and her team.'

Vivien, David and Bertie

Dear Lynette,

Thank you for all of the supportive and effective help and advice we have received in class. Holly is now a pleasure to take out on walks and everyone who meets her loves her. We couldn’t have achieved this without your excellent instruction. Thanks also to the team of people and dogs who have helped us along the way. We now have a gentle and affectionate Weimi who does as she is told BUT still has all of the spirit and personality (just not the ASBO bits!)

All our best wishes and thanks

Kat, Ash and Holly Berry x

Hello Lynette

Just to say thank you for all your good work, help and advice with myself, Lesley and of course our little girl Kaysha. We really don't know what we would have done without your help and guidance in training her, we were reluctantly ready to give up.
Your training method is very precise and so effective and your control over dogs is outstanding, our Kaysha loved every minute of every training session. The change in her was noticeable from the very next day after our first visit to your school. You have now given us a very happy and controllable dog, we have also learnt so much and in particular where we were going so wrong.
I have and will always recommend you to anybody I meet who is looking for dog training and I will return when my seasonal workload calms down in the Autumn.

Many many thanks and see you soon.
Ray, Lesley and Kaysha

We brought Lexi to the Naughty Dog School as she seemed to be getting aggressive with other dogs while she was on the lead and she was also very disobedient. Lexi is a boxer dog and is very lively and does not ever want to calm down which I know is in their nature.
Since going to the classes on a Saturday she has calmed down dramatically and Lynette has helped by getting her to control her energy so she does not let it all out in one go which is what she was doing to start with and it was causing her to have fights with other dogs as she was too over the top with them. We also have been learning how to read dog’s behaviour. We are still going to classes as we find them really helpful and plus Lexi gets to socialise with other dogs while being off the lead.
Thank you to Lynette and the team.
Kelly, Craig & Lexi