Mia and chaplin
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Kodi Bear 2


"Hi my name is Kodi, I am a 3 year old castrated Labrador and I am a Playing Dog at Naughty Dog School, I am also very handsome!"

I would like to tell you more about our Naughty Dog School .....


I love our school, I have been attending since I was 12 weeks old and I have learnt everything about being a dog.  


My education began in the puppy class. Here I was able to play with other puppies and older dogs under the supervision of the Teaching Dogs, (Uncle Mars, Uncle Ty and Uncle T'ealc).


I learnt my manners, how to play and how to say no I don’t want you to do that in a polite way. I learnt how to use my body language to tell other dogs how I am feeling and I learnt that dogs smell differently dependent on how they feel, how old they are and where they believe they are placed in the pack.