Mia and chaplin
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Hi I'm Dino!  I'm a 2 year old castrated border collie.


I have to try very hard to contain myself as I become quite excited which can get me all stressed out that I dont know what I'm doing!  I'm a very intelligent boy and find solving problems easy, my mum decided that I needed a new challenge!


Because I can become quite stressed around other dogs my mum decided that I needed to spend some time socialising with my own kind, but because my behaviour was a bit bizarre my mum wanted a safe environment for me.  A place where I would be forgiven for getting it wrong and corrected in a natural way, a way that helped me to learn new coping strategies.


My mum chose NDS because she knew that if I behaved bizarrely I would be helped rather than judged.  My mum had tried other training techniques with me but I found them quite stressful which added to my bizarre behaviour ....  When my mum heard about NDS she decided that she would bring me along and see how I liked it.


I havent looked back.  I was given some valuable time without my brother and given a job to do.  You see when I arrived I was an entire dog, I felt that it was job to look after the others and had to learn some tactics to stay of the radar.  Learning that I could help another dog and help myself at the same time, I thought why not its a win win situation!


I get to go to work every week and I love it!  I love introducing puppies into how playing heads of lots of problems with other dogs.




"My passion is about teaching dogs that play is way to release anxiety and is much more fun!"