Mia and chaplin
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"My passion is about understanding that mouthing leads to biting which leads to aggressive dogs.  Being aware that allowing your puppy to mouth is giving it permission to bite!"


The first thing I would say is don’t be fooled by my size, I am a force to be reckoned with!


Since I came to the Naughty Dog School as a naughty dog my story starts with my naughty behaviour:


My story very briefly begun when, at the tender age of just 8 months, my family found out I was having difficulties being left on my own. My old Mum got a Noise Pollution Order and needed to sort the problem ASAP. At the time, my Mum was attending a Sunday morning club and asked for advice.


This is when I met Lynette. Lynette explained to my old Mum what was going on in my head and offered to do some crate training and separation anxiety training with me while my old Mum and Dad were at work.


Even with everyone's best efforts I just could not overcome the loneliness I felt and even though it broke my Mum's heart she decided that it wasn’t fair to keep leaving me when I was so distraught, so Lynette set about finding me a new home.



I have been a Teaching Dog at the Naughty Dog School since its inception.

At first it wasn’t clear if my size would have an impact on my ability to tell off dogs and get them to respect me enough to listen to me. It was a blinding moment with everyone's mouth clearly opened as they watched me tell a huge Rottweiler off for being so disrespectful! I proved there and then that it’s not the size that counts but the mind that counts. Brain always wins out over brawn and I have maintained my reputation, size is not an issue for me!


What I love about the Naughty Dog School is how I am valued for who I am. I love that my opinion is respected and that I am allowed to have a voice. Working with other dogs is a passion of mine and I look forward to Saturdays!



It was whilst teaching at the Naughty Dog School that I found my new Mum, Sally. I love it at Sally's house, I am never on my own and I have Twitch to play with.


I am now a policing dog at the Naughty Dog School and I assess dogs coming into the workshops. I am proud of my work.


The workshops have given me a new life, literally. Most of my aggression issues were due to my frustration and anger at my living conditions. Not that I wasn’t loved, I was but my old family just couldn’t provide me with what I needed.


Today my aggression is vastly reduced. I am happily living with a lovely family that can meet my needs on an emotional level and the workshops allow me to express who I really am... a....

Teaching Dog


Hi I am Bahle.  I'm an 8 year old Tibetan Terrier