Mia and chaplin
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Hello, my name is Lynette Blackwell and welcome to my life! Dogs have always played a large part in my life. As a child I attended dog training classes with my parents. When I was about 10 my parents encouraged me to become involved and challenged me to train our eldest dog Bruce. Bruce was a wonderful teacher and taught me the basics of dog handling, I will always remember him with love, fondness and a deep appreciation.


As an adult I took up dog training when I was presented with a puppy as a gift from my father to my son. It wasn't long before we realised that Mars would need a strong leader which my 5 year old son at the time could not possibly provide so Mars became my responsibility. Mars is a wonderful dog with many attributes. I have loved every minute training him and learnt so much from him in return. Mars continues to amaze me with his tolerance and leadership qualities.


When my Dad sadly passed away I initially took up his dream as a way of staying close to him. It felt right that I continue his teachings and here I am. Now his dream has become mine and the future is ahead of me.....


About me


After my Dad's passing it soon became apparent that aggressive and unsociable behaviour in dogs was not improving as it should and without my Dad for guidance I started looking for answers to this. I came upon a different training style where dogs were used to teach these naughty dogs the way forward without using aggression or anti-social behaviour.....I just had to find out more.  


I am always interested in ways to work with dogs. When I learn something new in my personal life I always reflect it in my work. This I believe keeps myself and my businesses evolving, evolving is the answer to answering the next question, and so the cycle of learning continues.